Travel That Lifts Your Spirit and Sets Your Soul on Fire


A Luxury Travel Advisor for Those in Search of Inspired Journeys

 I’m Christy Boyce, the luxury travel advisor behind Soulful Journeys Travel. Through Soulful Journeys, I design travel experiences that reconnect you to your own sense of wonder. We all have a lightness within us, an inner child who yearns to explore fearlessly and love without hesitation.
Too often, though, we don’t let our light shine — we get bogged down with day-to-day details, overwhelmed by the endless to-do lists at work, or distracted by every “ping” our smart phones emit.
But here’s the good news: Travel can change that. Intentional, expertly designed travel experiences help you reconnect with the land, with your loved ones, and — above all — with yourself. 

Whether you’re planning a group getaway with family or friends, a honeymoon that takes you way beyond those typical “romance” spots, or even a solo adventure just to reconnect with yourself, our journeys deliver travel magic with soul-enriching discoveries around every corner. When you plan a trip with Soulful Journeys Travelyou get to work one-on-one with an experienced luxury travel advisor to build the journey of your dreams.

A Luxury Travel Advisor for Those in Search of Inspired Journeys

When you work with me to plan your Soulful Journey, you can count on:

A travel advisor that listens to your dreams and puts your needs first, designing a custom-crafted — never cookie-cutter — itinerary. Experiences that go deeper, instead of just grazing the surface. My services are for travelers in search of Journeys, not just vacations. I offer expert guidance on logistics and safety issues, so you can let your worries go while you travel.


Ready to embark on your own soulful journey that ignites your passions and opens your eyes in extraordinary ways? It all starts with a complimentary, no-obligation planning call so I can learn more about the trip you’ve been dreaming of.